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5 Best Budget-Friendly Flooring Options


When it comes time to replace a home’s flooring, there are a multitude of different options that can suit all needs and preferences. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by high prices. For those who are working with a budget or just want to be budget-conscious, here are five affordable flooring options to spruce up any home to renovate or sell.

Installing Linoleum Flooring

For homeowners who want a floor that isn’t going to require special cleaning to keep it looking it best, linoleum may be a good choice. It’s sturdy and low maintenance, and it can even...

What You Need to Know About the 203k Loan

Homebuyer's Guide to 203k Home LoansFor those who see the potential behind a home rather than what's in front of them, the 203k loan is available to make those dreams into a reality. This loan technically falls under the FHA umbrella, but it's structured to help buyers fix up a home that may be in need of more than standard repairs. A 203k loan, however, can get complicated quickly, so learn more about this kind of available home financing option.

The Basics

A typical FHA loan requires a lower credit score of 580, but a 203k loan will ask...