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What You Need to Know About Conventional Mortgages

What You Need to Know About Conventional MortgagesGetting a conventional mortgage may sound simple enough, but there are more than a few twists in turns that home buyers should be aware of. Conventional loans aren't backed by the federal government, meaning if a buyer defaults on the loan, it's the lender's responsibility to pick up the slack. Because of this, lenders have a few more stipulations than they would for secured loans. Learn about the most recent changes for loans, what buyers need before applying for a loan, and what lenders...

How to Manage Capital Gains During a Home Sale

How to Use Capital Gains During a Home SaleMaking a profit in real estate is usually every homeowner's hope, even if it's not their sole goal. When it comes to the market, these profits are called capital gains. If a homeowner purchases a home for $100,000 and sells it 10 years later for $200,000, this sale would be classified as a capital gain for a home seller. This term is normally used for stocks, but it applies to practically any security—including a home. Learn more about both the basics and the complexities of how capital gains work in the real world.

The Basics of Capital Gains

Capital gains (or losses) only...